Making New Albany A Little Bit Sweeter

By Olivia Hawkins

Drive down historic East Market Street in downtown New Albany and you will stumble across the Comfy Cow. Comfy cow is a quirky ice cream parlor with flavors that most people have never even heard of! I assume dogs or cats haven’t heard of it either but you get the point. For all of you ice cream fiends like myself, this practically sounds like a paradise with unknown indulgences just waiting for you to consume. Oddly they claim to be the official ice cream of the Dalai Lama which you can decide for yourself if that is true or not. Also they once flew on a space shuttle to “explore other worldly flavors.” So the business embraces quirkiness and dry humor.

The idea for this delightful ice cream shop was originally thought of in September of 2007. The thought was originally created by two guys named Tom and Roy. Then on the chilly day of December 1, 2001 the first Comfy Cow was opened in Westport Village, Louisville, Kentucky. As you can guess the quirky shop survived exceptionally which lead to later opening stores on Frankfort Ave. in Louisville and Cardinal Towne on the University of Louisville Campus, and Highlands, Louisville. As the years went on they earned many awards including many LEO’s Reader’s Choice award as the best ice cream in Louisville, I’d have to say I totally agree. Then most recently they have decided to cross the Ohio River and open a store in New Albany, IN.

When you step in the wooden door of the Comfy Cow you are greeted with a brisk breeze and the smell of utter sweetness. You see the brick walls and the long bar where the delectable desserts are served. The style of this well-known local ice cream place can be described as the modern hipster meets the vintage world. This is the place where a random Barbie doll may hang from the bricks, a small chandelier hangs from above the ice cream bar, wooden booths have a little history of New Albany in it, an outside seating area has a colorful and fun mural in the back and all together it makes vintage and quirkiness look “hip.” This is the place where you eat ice cream out of glass ice cream cups and actually use silverware! So the looks of the new hit are classy, vintage and fun. It makes New Albany look just a bit more modern and a little bit sweeter. It creates Comfy Cow’s signature look.

The new hot spot doesn’t just serve ice cream, they serve other treats such as frozen bananas, ice cream sandwiches, Bon-Bons and you can also build your own sundae! But the ice cream itself is still to die for. The signature flavors, which are available all year round, have creative names for the old classics.  For example the regular mint chocolate chip is called “Minty Chocolate Chippy.”   They also create original signatures such as the “Doctor’s Cure.” The “Doctors’ Cure” was created for the local restaurant Doc Crow’s in Louisville and is infused with sugar pecans  and a bourbon caramel swirl. There are so many possible flavors to choose from, it often takes a while to choose.

My personal opinion of the thriving establishment is that it is totally worth trying! The ridiculous amount of flavors and fun atmosphere creates for making this a new regular place to go. Not only are the treats delicious but the business is also local. This means that you are putting money in your community and helping the city of New Albany blossom into a booming city again. So try this five out of five stars place that is tastes amazing on your taste buds and helps out the community.