By Darin Starks

The NBA season which has already began has been full of expectations and excitement who will be the best? Who will rule the east and the west? But must important question who’s in? This season is suspected to be surprising, with every team being elite and fighting for a spot in the playoffs to drastic injuries to star players and also the strong draft class featuring #1 draft pick Andrew Wiggins. Basketball Season has return. The race to the top of the standings has started with the Cleveland Cavaliers being the favorite to win it all in the east with the starting lineup of Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, LeBron James, Kevin Love, and Anderson Varejao they are set to be a contender. But the Bulls have different plans with the return of MVP Derrick Rose and the addition of elite big man Paul Gasal plus rookie Doug McDarment they are also pushing toward the playoffs and #1 seed in the east. Also another big story in the east is the Indiana Pacers that were planned to be a contender this year but with injury to star guard Paul George and key loss in Lance Stevenson the Pacers have taken a major setback in expectations starting the season off to 1-2 all is not well in Indy. But the Pacers might already be mixing it up and looking for more scoring threats like J.R. Smith.
But on the other hand in the West as usually the best conferences is taking on a new look this year with the Spurs defending Champs always dominating the west, the Los Angeles Clippers are looking to take over and rule the west, already starting the season with a 4-0 record they are ready to step up and make a run in the Playoffs. Also possibly making their first finals appearance and having Blake Griffin a strong candidate for MVP and star PG Chris Paul they might have a chance in the strong western conference. An unlikely pick to make a run but talented and very capable the Sacramento Kings already starting the season off to a 3-1 record they have the team and all the assets to take a shot at the title. With F Rudy Gay and star big man Demarcus Cousins even though problems off court is ready to put that in the past and start new. Also Rudy Gay suspected to have a breakout season averaging 23 points a game and 7 rebounds, he is focused on the future. A huge surprise in the start of the season is the Golden State Warriors and Klay Thompson, Klay already leading the league in scoring and putting a dominant display these last few games averaging 29 points could the Warriors and the hot Klay Thompson keep it rolling into the playoffs? For the 14-15 draft class coming into the NBA there is a lot to be expected. The No.1 draft pick Andrew Wiggins drafted by the Cavaliers but traded to Minnesota is set to be a star play in the NBA and possibly franchise player in the future. For the No.2 Jabari Parker drafted by the Bucks he is NBA ready already in the starting Forward role for the bucks his expectations are high already with 2 double doubles for the season. For No.3 Joel Embiid which is out for he’s rookie year because of injury when healthy is suspected to be a dominant force down low in the East. So are these players ready for the hard grinded out season? So basketball season has return the season long grind is back who can make it to the top? Who will be succeed expectations? Who’s in?