The Fault in our Stars movie review


       The movie the Fault in our Stars was an amazing movie. It was a very touching and loving movie. It was based off the book by John Green. The movie was all around a good movie. You will be flabbergasted. The director did a great job directing it and the actors did a great job acting and creating different emotions that would make you feel the way the actors do (example- if it’s a sad part in the movie you will most likely become sad and might feel sorry for them, Unless you have no emotions). I recommend you read the book first then see the movie. Get ready for a roller coaster of emotions and surprises.

The main character is Hazel Grace Lancaster. She has a type of cancer called Thyroid cancer and has to wear and carry around an oxygen tank. She also goes to a support group every Wednesday to help her get through it all. One day while she’s in the support group she sees this guy named Augustus Waters whom she later falls in love with. In my opinion the director could have chosen a better looking guy to play Augustus Waters than the actor who played him. The person they chose was a pretty good actor, but sometimes it was hard to tell what emotion he had.

They did a great job getting the movie almost exactly like the book. The only thing I noticed that was not like the book was when Hazel and Augustus went to diner in Amsterdam. The setting was different in the movie than in the book. In the book they ate dinner by the river while boats flowed down it, the sun setting, and flower petals falling from the trees. While in the movie they ate dinner inside with Christmas lights hanging from fake tree to fake tree. I believe it was they didn’t get the setting right because the time they filmed this, the flower petals falling from the trees were not in season. Movies always forget and/or add stuff that was not in the book, but in the movie did a good job putting in almost all the details from the book.

One thing that shocked me was the Funky Bones. The Funky Bones is this giant cartoon skeleton that’s flat and lying on its back in the grass while children climb all over it acting like it’s a playground. This is the place Hazel and Augustus had a lot of romantic scenes.

The book and the movie are fantastic. Get ready for a roller coaster of good times and bad. This movie is something to go see.