Upcoming YouTubers

By: Mikayla Wilson

Two new YouTubers are making a mark in the YouTube community. Their rapidly growing YouTube channel is called Exclamation Point YT. The people who run the show are Danny Edge and Paul Zimmer. Their videos consist of them giving their fans advice, pep talks, rants, stories, and their most recent topic, reactions. They recently did a video of them reacting to Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 2. To me (an overly obsessed fan) I thought the video was really funny and their reactions were priceless.

Both of their pasts are very depressing. They went to a school where they were constantly bullied. Their bullies made them feel worthless and unwanted. That’s why they started their YouTube channel. They wanted to give everyone a friend that needed one. They wanted to talk people out of doing the worst thing that they could possible do. They give people hope and love.

I know it sounds crazy to love someone that you haven’t met, but that’s what YouTube does to you. YouTube has these kind of people who are extremely weird and extravagant. You can’t do anything, but love them. A lot of them have this charm, attitude and charisma that people fall in love with. Then the rest of them have a goofy sense of humor that you just can’t help, but laugh whenever they crack a stupid joke.

If you like the popular YouTube channel O2L, then I recommend Exclamation Point YT.