What is This Fashion?

By: Ashley Davis, Frida Jimenez, and Noah Summers

As I walk down a hall of different styles for different people, I think to myself, “What is the style today?”

New shoes, new clothes, or even a new hair style. Some are too flashy, some look like you came out of a trash can this morning, and some are just right for who you are. Styles I have never seen before pop up everywhere, and it’s amazing. I see people everywhere dressing up in the top dollar outfits, whereas I am wearing blue jeans and a tee-shirt. Whatever is comfortable, right?

“I think that a person’s fashion choice represents who they are and gives you an idea about how they act,” one student states. “Everyone is unique, and I think their fashion style helps define that. Some are glamourous and some are common. What you wear shouldn’t tell someone how to feel about you. It should tell them what kind of person you are.”

Indeed they are correct. A fashion style shouldn’t tell someone to hate or to love you. It should tell them that you are a fun or adventurous person. It should let them know if you’re on the wild side or if you’re the lazy, sit at home type of person.

At home you lay around in sweat pants and a shirt too big for you. Then when you get to school, BAM, the style has changed into skirts, under armour, and the flashy things I can’t even explain. Forty-seven out of 50 junior high students just want to be noticed and even complimented. Why? I’m perfectly fine with being in my comfortable clothes and not being noticed.

Well, people, I am pretty decent at math, and I know 47 out of 50 is a lot. And, I just made that number up, but for that split second, did you actually believe it? I think more than half reading this did. Anyways, my point was if you see all these styles and start to believe it’s actually cool, then when you dress like that and you get made fun of and you get embarrassed. Like, no—come on guys! Don’t believe everything is cool. Maybe in the end, people will be like, “Hey he/she wore that first.”

Boys fashion and girls fashion are totally different. Boys fashion is complicated (for girls). I have noticed that it is colored knee socks and Adidas, Jordans, or Nike sandals with basketball shorts and a sports motivation tee-shirt.

It’s a style now for boys, but then it will change the instant you turn your head. Yes, we know that it’s not your style. Maybe it’s not the style but we just took a majority of boys in this school.

Now for the girls!

I think the fashion for girls is difficult to put into majority because every girl dresses different, even if it’s the same flashy. Girl’s styles change faster than the boys anyway. We can tell you that most girl’s styles are stuck in the black or the pink. Not together… well maybe a little but leather jackets are a lot more popular. Crop tops, but with a tank tops under, High wasted skirts, and vans or black boots play a huge role in a girl’s fashion. The girls fashion is complicated right?

We didn’t fully understand what the fashion is today, but we did ask some students what they thought the fashion was.

So what do you think the fashion is? Boys and girls both? And if you think it should change, change it! Start a new trend like army cloths or goofy cloths! Be yourself and show everyone who you really are!