Why Cliques Are Cliques!

By Sierra Scrivner

Okay. Let’s get one thing straight. When you hang out with your friends, it’s not a clique. A clique is a group of people that are only friends to make fun of or humiliate other people. Everyone has been a victim of cliques. So you how it feels to just stand in the hallway at school sometimes. You hear people say your name all around you and the halls suddenly get warmer. All you can think about is what they’re saying about you. Then out of the blue someone comes up to you and humiliates you even more. They trip you or fling your books out of your hands, but… not every clique is like that.

Some cliques just gossip about each other and make drama, mainly girls. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Like umm… let’s not steal our friend’s boyfriend and make her cry. Yeah! That would be great to teach our future generations. I think not! Even when these stupid things happen to us, you should just build a bridge over the river of tears you just cried and get over it. When you get in high school, there will still be drama, but you will know how to overcome it.

We’ve been over 2 cliques. The Down Right Rude and the Gossips. There is another clique to watch out for. The Starrers. They just look at you in that, what in the world are you wearing, way. Or that, Eww, why did you walk out of the house looking like that, way. It still makes you upset in a way, but like I said before you can be the better person and not pay any attention to them.

My point for all this is it doesn’t matter what anyone says, just keep moving on. Just last year I took everything personal and I learned the hard way to just be my own person. You should do the same! Don’t listen to these cliques we just talked about and be yourself because you’re the only person that can be you!