Workers Make a Breakthrough.

By Jack Schad

On September 2nd, 2014 WVB East End Partners blasted through the first segment of the East End tunnel. As the title implies, this is a big deal (pun intended).

Blasting began in late 2013, and as a result people in the nearby area got heated. The tunnel went und a few major neighborhoods, upsetting their residents. Even though work is almost over, it may come to a halt as residents get mad.

Because I have been working on this column for a while now, I have Learned that work has halted to to a recent rock fall. Workers say it is an easy fix. They will add more structural support to the new tunnel, hoping to keep it stable and safe. Officials stated that no injuries have been reported, but in my opinion, I think it needs a closer look.

I don’t know what it’s like down there, but it all looks pretty cool to me. The East End Tunnel approach alone  has costed the city government 338 million dollars, but when the bridges are also done  it is worth it  now that the city will be less crowded in the morning, and people on either side of the bridge can now commute to work faster. In the tunnel, I am pretty sure it is at a constant 50-60 degree fahrenheit range, meaning the tunnel will be cheaper to air out. At only 1,700 hundred feet long, this small distance is a big deal.