Scribner’s Victory’s


November 20th was the first 7th and 8th grade basketball game, it was filled with anticipation, excitement and expectation.
The first game of the double hitter was the 7th grade boys. The first quarter started out head to head with Hazelwood gaining the early lead, but Scribner lead by Julien Hunter and Darin Starks came back to gain the lead. By halftime Scribner was still carrying the lead by 6 points. The start of 2nd half Scribner ran away with the game, with furious defense effort the panthers soon put them in an 18 point lead. Scribner pulled out with the win with the final score of 43 to 23. Julien hunter led the panthers with 37 points.
The second game was a battle with Scribner and Hazelwood 8th grade boys going at it the whole game. They kept the scores close during the opening quarters. The 8th grade boys kept pushing and came out with a win. With both team beating the cross town rival. I hope the 7th and 8th grade boys keep the good work going and win Scribner some championships this year.