Cards vs. Cats

Written by: Olivia Walters

You say you don’t root for a sports team? Excuse me, have you been living under a rock? Our local sports teams have a huge rivalry. The Louisville Cardinals and the Kentucky Wildcats always neck and neck, also never afraid to play some basketball to see who is better. In the past the Cats have won the championship but the Cards have their years. I have done my research and the men’s basketball teams have both won the NCAA championship game three times since the 80’s. There fans will go all out to show their support and spirit.

Louisville’s coach, Rick Pitino, has been the men’s basketball coach since 2001 and still is going strong. The guys have been through everything together. Remember on last year (March 31, 2013) when Kevin Ware’s leg basically snapped in half? He is up and playing basketball once again for the Cardinals. Coach Pitino actually coached the Wildcats in 1989 all the way up to 1997.

Kentucky’s coach, John Calipari, has been coaching the Cats since 2009 and has a good team. They have had team members come and go. A couple years back you may remember Anthony Davis? He was one of the popular players and was famous for his “unibrow”.

Although I could try to sway you to liking a team with statistics but it all comes down to who you like or maybe who your family has raised you to like. Of course we also have the Indiana Hoosiers but you may know they are no competition for either of our sports teams. Or are they? Who do you root for? Do you go all out to show your spirit?