A Change For The Future

Something has got to change. The people of New Albany deserve something new. Something for all the hard work that they have done over the years. New Albany needs a performance and entertainment building built not just for the people, but to draw more popularity to the city.

Louisville has a lot of fun things to do. Lot of people attend Bats baseball games. They also go to the YUM center to see a famous person in concert or just to watch a Basketball game. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to travel all the way over the bridge to see a famous person or just a basketball game?

Indiana is a wonderful place but, we could make it even better with an entertainment building. Having it would draw a lot more popularity to the town. With all of the popularity people would spend a good stack of money to see their favorite famous person in concert. Or their favorite Basketball Team go head to head with another team.

People may say that the city could not afford it right now but, with all of the money that the entertainment center would bring in would take care of all the expenses. It’s been a minute since New Albany Indiana has had a famous Star here and it would make people feel really good about where they live.