An Affordable smartwatch


Smartwatches. Instead of having to take your phone out of your pocket, just simply look at your wrist. Now,I am one of those people who wants something low budget, and at the same time uber cool. Most smartwatches on the market today are very pricy, and the presidential faces in your wallet might frown. But the Oru watch is hoping to change that speculation.

Unlike most smartwatches, the Oru watch is has two screens. One is made of an e-paper display (think kindle), and if you flip the watch over you get a color touchscreen. Yet another trick is pulled up its sleeve. It is also a mobile power bank that can also charge your phone.

As for the price, you can expect a steal. A usual smart watch costs from $200-$400 dollars, but this one is only $150. Quite a steal, if you were to ask me.You can’t get it yet, because this watch is still trying funded through Indiegogo. I really think you should donate to this company.