Brooklyn Shotter


by: Zoe Shiner

Why I picked Brookleen…

I picked Brooklyn Shotter because she went to elementary school last year unlike most of us who went to middle school in 5th grade. She is described as a good student who works quietly by teachers and peers. I thought that being in elementary school in 5th grade would be a challenge for being in middle school with no experience; I was wrong, and she said that the only challenge was catching on to the daily routine.So far she loves school here at Scribner.

Brooklyn Shotter interview

Q1: What do you like about being new to 6th grade?

Reply: More classes and more freedom.

Q2: Do you like having more than 1 teacher?

Reply: I love it!

Q3: You went to elementary school last year. Do you feel more ready? Do you feel like being in middle school last year would have been better?

Reply: Yes and yes because it took me a while to catch on.

Q4: How is your year so far?

Reply: It’s good!

Q5: Does school start earlier than last year?

Reply: No, it doesn’t.IMG_0505

Do you think Scribner is bigger than your old school (Wilson Elementary)?

Reply: Much bigger!

Brookleens teachers Mr. Huffman (1) and Mr. Knight (2)

Q: Do you think that students that have been at Scribner longer are less mature than students entering Scribner this year?

REPLY 1: No.

REPLY 2: Compared to last year no.

5th Grade Teachers

Q1: Do you think students should start middle school in 5th grade?

Mrs. Carlyle: Yes and no

Ms. Simmons: 5th grade is good for the transition from 1 teacher to more.

Q2: At what time (grade) do you think should students start middle school?

Mrs. Carlyle: 5th grade’s fine but they still need free time/play time and/or recess.

Ms. Simmons: If not 5th, 6th

written by: Zoe Shiner