Mrs.Sullivan Interview

For our assignment, we chose to interview Margaret Sullivan, a 6th grade honors teacher. She teaches math and science here at Scribner. She has been in this post for 10 years now. The entirety of her position has been spent working with honors/advanced students.

For the past five years Mrs.Sullivan has been doing Ecybermission with her students. Ecybermission is a STEM based online science fair. It is an international military funded program designed for 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. Mrs.Sullivan explained to us that she had been inspired to start Ecybermission because it sounded fun and she thought it would give kids a way to see science in a different way and to express creativity and curiosity. She is very confident continuing this program given that every year she has had at least one state winner.

Mrs.Sullivan moved to New Albany about 10 years ago and was looking for a teaching job in the area. She stumbled upon Scribner when a friend alerted her that she had heard about a job there and she immediately went to see the school. She mostly wanted the job because there actually was a position open, but she also really liked the friendly environment and people. Since then she has become one of the many friendly faces at Scribner Middle School. She plans on teaching at Scribner until retirement.

She was recently moved to a different room in the 6th grade hallway. Before that, she was located in room 114 in the 5th grade hallway. The school claims to have moved her into this new room because they want the honor students to be in the same area as the other 6th graders and not in the 5th grade hallway. Previously she had been in a science room complete with three sinks, now she has transferred into an old Health room, vacant of any sinks and with carpet on the floors. We asked Mrs.Sullivan how she was adjusting to the new room and she admitted that it is a bit of a squeeze and that not everything was unpacked, but she’s come to terms with this. She stayed positive by saying that she hopes that she can still use the old room for big projects and that being in a different hallway may have its advantages.

We interviewed Kaia Wells, a former student of Mrs. Sullivan. We asked her what her favorite thing about Mrs.Sullivan and her teaching was, she responded by saying that Mrs.Sullivan recognized how advanced and mature our class was and how she applied that to her teaching methods. We also interviewed Emma Lopp, another former student. “I loved that she always gave us extra help if we really needed it.” Was Emma’s response when asked about Mrs.Sullivan.

We have come to the conclusion that Mrs.Sullivan is truly an important role model here at Scribner Middle School.

  • Jerika Gilley, Madalyn Cull