Welcome To Scribner

5th grade is very different from elementary school. You have lockers and a bell rings in between each class. You aren’t the oldest kids in the school anymore. I wanted to welcome all 5th graders to Scribner, so welcome.

I went out and found a 5th grader that I could interview. This girl’s name is Jacqueline Renner. These are the questions that I asked her and her answers.

Q- How are you liking 5th grade and Scribner?

A- It’s okay. It’s big! It’s still hard to find the cafeteria. It’s not too easy.

Q- How is it getting to wake up later this year?

A- Awesome!

Q-Do you like Mt. Tabor or Scribner better?

A- Mt. Tabor because I was used to it.

Q- Have you made any new friends here?

A- Yes. Lauren Lopp.

Q- How are you liking lockers?

A- They’re awesome! Now people can’t snoop through your backpack.

Q- Are you excited for 6th , 7th, and 8th grade?

A- No. It seems harder.

Q- Is it fun going to the same school as your sister (Jessica)?

A- Not really. I don’t ever see her.

In addition to interviewing Jacqueline, I interviewed her mom and her sister. Here is my interview with her 8th grader sister, Jessica.

Q- What is it like going to school with your sister?

A- It’s fun. As a bigger sister, I like to embarrass her and help her.

Q- Do you think she’s enjoying 5th grade?

A- I think she probably thinks it’s more responsibility and she likes it.

Here is my interview with her mom.

Q- What is it like for you having Jacqueline going into 5th grade?

A- She is adjusting well probably because of her two older sisters, she felt at home quickly but it feels weird to have her in middle school because she is very small in size comparison to my 8th grader. Not only is she small but she is one of the younger in her graduating class.

Q- Does she look like she’s enjoying 5th grade?

A- I think she is enjoying it well she is around with her typical friends and I think she is maturing very nicely, I think the responsibility of being a middle school is helping her overall.

5th grade is a fun, new time for you to get used to middle school. Good luck, 5th graders!