Books That you may Have Missed out on: Eragon (Inheritance series)

     One of my favorite book series, Inheritance, by Christopher Paolini, began in 2002. You have probably seen at least one of these spectacular books in the library or in the hands of a person. The books are set in land called Alagaesia where Eragon, the main character, lives on a farm with his uncle and cousin. One day he is hunting in the mystical mountains of the spine when he finds a bright blue ‘stone’. He picks it up and buts it in his bag, hoping to sell it in exchange for food, yet when he gets to the butchers shop, he refuses the trade. So Eragon keeps it and puts it on a shelf in his room, wondering what it could possibly be. Several days later he finds out when the stone cracks open revealing a sapphire blue baby dragon. He names the dragon Saphira and that’s where his adventure begins.

      There are 4 books in this series, each containing around 500-800 pages. They all have different colored dragons on the front- the first, Eragon, has a blue dragon( Saphira), the second , Eldest, has a red dragon, the third, Brisingr, has a gold dragon, and the last, Inheritance, has a green dragon. These books are fantastic adventure novels with a mix of many other genres as well. I hope that you will like them as much as i did.