New Student, New Team Member

New Student, New Team Member

By: Ashley Davis

Some of us panthers know what it is like to be a new student. It can be a bit nerve-racking to meet a whole new group of kids with different taste in music, sports, etc. Most of us could agree that we would be extremely nervous about what awaits the next day. A new place, new people, new techniques and skills, and a new environment. I bet a lot of us would be just as excited to make the change.

Starting the school year off, Scribner welcomed a new student, Nina Board. Nina came from the private school, Holy Family, in New Albany. “I felt nervous moving but also really excited. It was a big change to switch from a public school to a school like Scribner,” Nina explained.

Everyone who has moved schools has had a different reason, or mostly different. Sometimes there was a job transfer, sometimes the student just moved for no specific reason. “I moved because I didn’t learn anything and didn’t get the education I needed,” Nina tells us. She says that her parents picked this school because it felt like a comfortable school for her to be at and it had a good education. We at Scribner certainly agree with that!

When we asked Nina what she likes about Scribner, her reply was, “I like the teachers because they help me understand things better. Mr. Condra is my favorite teacher; He is really funny.”

Along with gaining a new student, Scribner also gained a new teammate. Nina, number 20, joined the eighth grade volleyball team this year. She is one tough lady panther, passing beautifully and her serves out of this world!

We asked Nina how she prepares for volleyball when she isn’t playing for her school team. “I do club volleyball; that’s when the coaches help you get better at playing. They help you with what you do not quite understand or what you’re not very good at.”

Preparing for competition at Scribner can be fun, tiring and aggravating (when you mess up), but it does a lot of help! It is worth it at the end of the day when you walk away with victory. Nina says, “When we are at practice, it involves a lot of running. Sometimes you have to dive for the ball. Over all, practice is fun though because everyone is really supportive and there are a lot of great players.”

On top of having a good practice, your day can also end badly. “Sometimes we have to run a 13 in 1…” Nina explains, “That’s when you have to run the volleyball court up and down 13 times in one minute. It really sucks, but that makes us more determined to work harder.”

Being a part of the volleyball team, I can definitely agree with Nina when I say that having to run a 13 In 1 is horrible!

Nina is also a proud student making the trip to Washington D.C. in a few weeks. “I am really excited to go!” Nina exclaims, “I get to see and experience things that I have never done before and I get to learn things up close and in person.”

Washington is a trip that we eighth graders have looked forward to since we were small fifth graders (younger if we have siblings that have gone), and I think we are all super excited to go and see everything. We make a trip to so many places that we will all be exhausted when we arrive home. Nina is sure she will have a blast and we sure hope that the trip was a worth it (which we are sure it will be).

Again, it can be scary to be a new student, but like Nina’s story, it can turn out to be amazing. You can earn a spot on a team, make tons of friends, take a trip of a lifetime, and have an amazing time learning.

Special thanks to Nina Board for allowing us to interview her. We wish her the best of luck with volleyball and we hope she has a great time in D.C. with all of her friends!

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