Social Media vs Homework

Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and so on, I swear have ruined society. Kids spend so much time on their phone instead of doing something productive like homework. A lot of you could say, “Oh, I don’t do that,” and you might not, but a lot of our peers do.

When kids step out of school the first thing they pull out is there phone. They turn it on and probably check social media and make sure they haven’t missed anything. Then they get on the bus, on the bus kids usually listen to music and/or talk to friends. Once they get off the bus they usually drop their backpack and sit down on the couch, watch TV, play on their phone, and eat a bunch of food.

As time goes by, usually they have nothing accomplished, they’ve just been sitting on their butts on their phone specifically social media. Then around 6:00pm or 7:00pm they realize they have homework, mostly they’ll say to their selves “I’ll do it later”, time goes by m0re, and it’s now 8:00pm, then they’ll say “Oh, I’ll do it in 30 minutes.” Okay, now 8:30 comes around and look, NO HOMEWORK DONE. “Let me check social media one more time.” You think to yourself.

“*your name* get your shower” your mom screams. “OKAY” you respond. You get up and go get in the shower, and by the time you are out its 9:00pm. “OH CRAP! I have homework!!” You quickly grab your backpack and quickly grab your homework. You rush through your homework, and go to sleep.

The next day, you go to school and turn your homework in. You get more homework and the same process as yesterday happens. The next day you get your homework from the first day back. You do absolutely terrible. Maybe next time you should get off your phone.

Social Media/Technology has caused many kids grades to go down. If I were you, I would recommend doing your homework, and not procrastinating. Wouldn’t it suck if you got all Fs because you did your homework wrong? I think it would.