Our Opinion: Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Our Opinions on: “Apple Watch.”

Emery: I do not have any Apple Watch but I have seen them. I also have no experienced an Apple Watch nor do I know anyone that has. I do think that the watch is a great idea and can be used in many ways. I mean it’s like a mini phone on your wrist! I’ve also seen that it’s customizable! If I had one I can for sure picture myself pretending to be a spy. If I did own an Apple Watch, I don’t think I would use it very much. I do like the Apple Watch, a lot, but i don’t think i would like to own one.

Alex: I like the watch. It gives a whole new meaning to the standard watch. Although Emery and I don’t have don’t have a watch, we do have an idea what it’s like. I think the intentions are great and it is very convenient. I do not like, however, that you need your phone receive and make calls. It kind of defeats the purpose. That being said, nobody calls people anymore. My brother might be getting one for Christmas and i can tell you more but for now i really do love the Apple Watch. There are many other brands of the smartwatch but there is definitely something about the Apple version that makes it so special, possibly the name. The features are so unique and new and are also futuristic!