Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour

By:Marie-Claire Diehl

I saw the band 5 Seconds of Summer over the summer at the KFC Yum! Center. I had been wanting to see this band for a couple years, ever since my friend introduced me to this after she saw them open up for One Direction

This concert was definitely not a disappointment. When my friend and I showed up at the venue we had to wait outside the door for an hour and a half. Then when the doors opened art 7:30 and thousands of girls all rushed into the doors at once. When we found our seats we then listened to the music they were playing over the hundreds of speaker’s into the arena. When the opening band came out, I left because I do not care for their music and I wanted to buy some merch. So I cannot review their performance. When the count down for the actual band started, the energy in the place was overwhelming.  Everyone was screaming and had their phones out ready to capture the moment the band came out on stage.

When the band started out with singing “End Up Here” everyone was screaming so loud I had already gone partially deaf. The band then started talking and introducing themselves and thanking everyone for coming. They then went into the next 15 songs, usually saying something funny or hyping up the crowd in between them. Then when they left the stage everyone started screaming for an encore, even louder than the band sounded whilst singing. And it unbelievably got louder when the band came back out for an encore. They sang 2 more songs and then thanked us one final time for supporting them.

When we all left the stadium it was a simultaneously happy and sad time. Our voices were gone and our ear drums shattered but everyone looked so content with staying outside that stadium forever. I ended up not getting home until about midnight and was dreading waking up at 6am the next day for school but I had also never felt happier to be a part of something so amazing.