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Songs Trending: Popular Songs Taylor Swift


As we all know Taylor swift is known for her country music from back in the day, but some say that she only writes songs about her breakups and the people she has dated in the past. Now, Taylor has written extraordinary songs about breaking free from her former past breakups.

Such as the song “Blank Space” if you’ve seen Taylor’s music video, it shows her as being a “heartbreaker”. “Got a long list of ex-lovers, they’ll tell you I’m insane”. It also shows the good times she’s had with her past boyfriends, but somehow fell apart because, something went wrong in her relationships. “Screaming, crying, perfect storms, I can make all the tables turn”.

Not all of her songs are on breakups, “Bad Blood” is about another singer “Katy Perry”. It describes on how she has done some things that Taylor is not to happy about. “You made a really deep cut, and baby now we got bad blood”. Taylor says they used to be friends before, but Katy wasn’t to happy about the fact of Taylor used to date Katy’s now boyfriend. Most people apparently seem to love the song, and it still is pretty popular in the music world.

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