iPhone 6s

Recently or about a few days ago a new apple iPhone came out the iPhone 6s. Which has many cool new and improved features such as its new dazzling color rose gold. Which is a scarlet pink with hints of gold. Other new features include interactive lock screen where you can touch it and it moves. Also when you take a picture it shows you one second before and after the picture was taken.

With many other new improvements it is flying off the shelf it is definitely a hot new buy. Even though I do not have one I definitely want one soon! My review on it is, I personally love it and the new color. I think it looks cleaner and nicer than the 6 and 6 plus and the new features are a plus. I would get the regular iPhone 6s and not the iPhone 6s plus because I think it is just too big to hold and easier to drop.

I think that this a great and inspirational idea to make more in a couple months from now everyone is going to have one. I personally love apple and IPhone a lot it is my favorite technology today, I can’t wait until the next iPhone comes out the iPhone 7. I wonder what new features will be on the iPhone 7 which will be out in 2016.ipone 6s