After School Activity Spotlight

All The Drama

By: Zoe Shiner, Bria Bryant, and Raven Hardesty

Hello and welcome to this weeks out of school activity spotlight. This week is all the drama… literally. This column is for students who want to do an out of school activity but don’t know how or where to go to begin. We will do our best to encourage you to begin something new.  We hope this column will help you decide what to participate in. 6th grader,Shelby Brown is part of the teen dance ensemble and part of the youth chorus in New Albany High School’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Last year she starred as the main character Annie in NAHS’s Annie.    

This week we interviewed… Shelby Brown 6th grader. Shelby is described as an attentive, musical student who is always eager to help. Her teachers are Ms.Sullivan, Ms.Lampton, and Ms.Kraft

 All About Drama (interview with Shelby)

Q1: How do you like being in drama/plays?

Reply: It’s really cool and fun. I like it alot.

Q2: Why did you try out?

Reply: I tried out because I just like to act in general.

Q3: Were you nervous? Why?

Reply: Kind of, because I get nervous in auditions but I have been in NAHS plays before (Annie).

Q4: Did you take voice/dance lessons to prepare for the addition? Who did you take them with?

Reply: Yes, at Weber School of Dance and with Debbie King.

Q5: Are you going to try out for any other plays this year? Which plays and why?

Reply: Yes, NAHS Shrek if they have child actors. I love doing drama there!

Q6: On a scale of 1-10 how likely would you be to recruit someone to join drama/music theater? Why?

Reply: 10, because it’s super fun and you learn a lot.

the skills you need….

1: singing  2: dancing (maybe) 3: acting