Over the past years, we’ve come a long way in many things, education, engineering, music, and most of all, Technology.  When we got home from school, we would go outside and play or read a nice book. But, now people will go home and listen to music and play on their iphones and text people instead of going outside and talking to them personally.  

Music these days is not what they used to be.  Back in the 70s, people used actual instruments and actually sang with REAL voices.  Today’s music is nothing like that. People do sing, but they use things like auto tune and they don’t use actual instruments. They use random noises and sounds to make it sound like they are playing an instrument.

Back in the 70s, We would wake up and read the newspaper and we would have to train our bodies to wake ourselves up.  Some people had alarm clocks but not all.  Nowadays, We get waken up by our phones and we watch the news on a tv.  People would usually watch or listen to sports on a T.V. or radio but now we can watch sports and other stuff on our handy dandy new phones.  Our eyes are glued to these things. I’d like to see what kids these days would do if they didn’t have their phones for a whole week.

Going back to the music, I would enjoy seeing the reactions of kids if they went to a dance and hear 70s music playing.

So i’ve criticised our society now, there are some good things about then and now.  Our education has grown a lot. We have so many people with great education nowadays instead of back then.  We also have some good technology now(like having rovers on Mars).  Also, cars have had a huge upgrade the past 4
.5 decades. So our generation is not completely doomed.


Gabriel Kruer