Is a Sefie More Dangerous Than Sharks?

search?q=selfie&safe=strict& word selfie was Oxford Word of the Year for 2013 year but people have been taking selfies long before 2013. The first ever selfie was in 1839 by Robert Cornelius. By definition a selfie is a paragraph taken by oneself. Usually taken with a smart phone and then uploaded on social media. The selfie seems harmless but it can be more dangerous then sharks. Some believe that the incessant quest to capture the “ultimate” selfie is causing people to take unnecessary risks that in some cases are proving to be deadly!

So far, the desire to take a “breathtaking” selfie has killed 12 people this year. So far this year, 8 people have died from shark attacks. There is a total of 4 more people who have died from taking a selfie than in a shark attack. Don’t believe me, a 66-year-old Japanese guy and his travel companion were trying to take a selfie at the mausoleum’s Royal Gate when they stumbled down some stairs. One exacted with a leg injury while the other had major brain damage and passed soon after. Other fatal accidents this year include a 21-year-old Russian woman who fell off a bridge while trying to capture an “exciting” self-portrait. Three Indian students suffered a similar fate after they were run over by an oncoming train while taking a selfie on the railway tracks. PEOPLE, EVAN ONE MILLION LIKES ON SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT AS IMPORTANT AS YOUR LIFE! So, think about that next time you take a selfie.

Jessica Renner