Our Opinions On: The New Emojis

Our Opinions On: The New Emojis:

Emery: I LOVE the new emojis. There were some that surprised me but I’m happy Apple decided to add them. Some of my personal favorites are the rolling eyes, the skier, and the unicorn. I love expressing my emotion through emojis. Texting is hard to understand sometimes but emojis make it easier. Apple has made many wonderful updates in the past, but iOS 9.1 is probably one of the best. 150 new emojis were added and I like just about all of them! This update was great!!

Alex: I absolutely love the new emojis! I happen to be someone who never texts; I use emojis. Emojis are the one way that we can tell our friends expression. I use emojis for literally everything! As I have said in previous articles, I love change, so this was really nice after a few years of the same expression. I do not have a favorite because I just love the ALL. I do wish they had made a more apparent dancer emoji but I can’t complain with all these new ones. I am happy about the new 150 more! I cannot wait to see what emojis are next *insert upside down smiley face emoji*!


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