The Weekly Book

The Weekly Book

The Maze Runner      

By:Brayden Marcum and Julius Kruer

The weekly book that we have chosen this week is The Maze Runner.In our opinion, The Maze Runner is one of our top favorite books. Every single page of The Maze Runner is filled with shocking, suspenseful, and thrilling events.

It starts out about a boy named Thomas, who wakes up in a dark, cold shaft,with no memories. When he reaches the top, he is greeted by sunlight and about 50 more boys, soon to find out, he is in the “Glade”: a big field surrounded by a giant maze. He doesn’t remember anything about his life before this. All he knows now is he needs to find a way to get out of the maze. Want to find out what happens next? You need to pick up The Maze Runner at your closest library.