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Why we chose Mr. Huffman for our interview.

He is interesting due to the fact that he is a part time writer

and a full time teacher for 6th grade students.  He has a very funny personality and sense of humor, that is another reason why we chose to interview Huffman.  He also lets his students participate in the writing of his novels.  He  includes a lot of  detail when he tells his students stories, to help them better understand how to write them and read them. Huffman, does read alouds for his students in class and a lot of times includes sarcasm.  He uses sarcasm to help his students deal with criticism.

The questions we asked Mr. Huffman are, to see what he has planned for now and later as a writer and a teacher.

The first question…  Will your students you have this year be helping with any books you have to write? His answer was, “Not with the group I have now, but I have lots of stories to tell.” That question was of our interest to see if he will be publishing any more novels. (One of his novels, forgiving frost, is on amazon (For 15$ and some change.))

The second question… What was your inspiration to become a writer? His reply, “My students inspired me to write.” This question was just of some curiosity. It also shows by the answer how much he likes the students he has, and uses the students opinions. He also lets them have a voice in his classroom.

The third question… Would you want to continue the schedule you’re on now (Writer, and teacher.)  or become a full time writer? He answered, “I have big things for the future planned.” We asked this question to see if he was going to stay a teacher at Scribner (Because everyone likes him here.) or leave to be a writer…

The fourth question…  Do you plan on writing any books with a main character that is female? the reply was “yes I do!” he spoke excitedly. (So far he has only written with a male protagonist.)

The last question… Do you plan on writing more books in the future? His answer, “I have a lot of stories to tell, and will continue to write.”

The next thing we did was ask three of Mr. Huffman’s students, (Quincy, Logan, and Jonathan) four questions.  

The first, Since you’re in Mr. Huffman’s class, do you want to stay or move into someone else’s?  They replied, Quincy: “I’d stay in Mr. Huffman’s”, Logan: “Stay in Huffman’s”,Jonathan: “I Stay in Mr. Huffman’s.” This was to see if they liked him more (Like he has grown on them as the year has gone, even so early in the school year.) ,depending on his teaching style.

The next question was, How do you like his sarcasm? All three boys replied eagerly “we love it!”, “It’s so funny.” and more. This shows that he makes teaching fun (we should have WAY MORE teachers like that.) to get his students interested. It also teaches them to deal with criticism. (Like i said before.)

The third question we asked the three was, do you think you’re one of his favorites? Be honest. Quincy: “Yeah.” Logan: “Yes.” Jonathan: “Yes…well Maybe.” This shows that all boys said “yes” and that Mr. Huffman doesn’t pick favorites and likes all of his students equally.

The last question we asked the three boy was, do you understand his sarcasm, and what he teaches? They all answered in sync, “yes, we do.” This question we asked was to see if he was easy to understand (On a sixth grade level) so they knew exactly what he was teaching and saying.

Next we asked Kaylee from Mr. Dowdells class two questions.

The first, even not being in his class do you think he likes you, and would want you in his class? She replied “I think he likes me, and, i think so.” This question represents that he likes most, if not all of the students at Scribner.

We also asked her if she wanted to stay in Dowdells, or leave and try Mr. Huffman’s class. She answered saying, “I’ll stay in my own class.” That one was to show that, she can still like him, but other teachers (Like Mr. Dowdell) are still good teachers, and are still likeable.


      written by,

                    Raven Hardesty, and Gabriel Kruer