Books that you may have missed out on: 20,000 Leages Under the Sea

This book was published in 1870, so its really old. Yet unlike many old books that you have read, its awesome. It takes place pretty much everywhere you can think of. It begins by explaining who the main characters are and what the main problem is. The problem is a giant ‘monster’ terrorizing boats and other oceanic vehicles. Professor Pierre Arronax, a french marine biologist, must find out what this creature is. So he sets out with his fateful assistant, Conceil, and a crew of experienced sailors to find the creature.

As the crew sails the seas they begin to suspect that their voyage is useless. After many days of fruitless search, the captain states that if they don’t find the monster soon, that they will head back to harbor. When suddenly the creature appears speeding towards the Abraham Lincoln.  They prepare the cannons and fire at the beast, yet their projectiles bounce of the  creatures hide. It begins ramming them and Professor Arronax is thrown overboard along with Conseil and Ned Land. Arronax and Conseil swim for a long time until they find Ned on top of his ‘island’. Soon they discover that its not a island, or a monster, its a submarine.

This book is full of exciting scenes and mysterious characters. There are sharks and squid and more in this amazing novel. It can be found in Scribner’s library and in the public library. I highly recommend this book to adventure lovers. It is around 426 pages long and has small text,therefore it takes a dedicated reader to finish. I hope you like it as much as i did!aronnax(Your book may look different, there are many different covers for it)