Comparing the Food of School’s to Resturants

We live in a world were food is essential it is basic/most needs. Yet people have changed the rules with food. We have over millions of recipes for just about any food you can think of. Yet our school’s food kind of sucks. I mean at times the food is pretty good, but compare it to like Taco Bell or McDonald’s and our school food is horrible. You know let just compare.

McDonald’s famous chicken nuggets. Kids love them. Well, they love the toy in the happy meal, but they enjoy the juicy tenderness with every bite.

School’s chicken nuggets. I hate the fact that they try to make it healthy, and instead of frying they bake. Which for a number of reasons they do that. Like, health concerns and all those of sorts. So baked chicken nuggets not my number one choice. It like a knock off of the real thing.

One of the reasons that school do this is not because children need to it, but for pleasure for us. If you think of it this way the school can just make an apple with white whole milk and a cup of soup. I bet more people would bring their own lunch. Also people can’t eat at home or poverty so they rely on school food, which is kind of sad. The school system of food is pretty nice to serve food in the school.

Let’s compare again.

Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Tacos. Every time I eat this I think heaven is in my mouth. I mean how do you come up with this, and just explode the minds of people whose minds aren’t easily exploded. Just exaggerating here.

We all know the school Taco Tuesday. It’s actually not that bad. If you are in a school where they try to get more exotic food here then consider yourself lucky. I like how the school’s food system is nice to consider and learn how to make food from other places of the world. Like you would be eating you spaghetti and think it’s from America. No. if you never had a taco you have never truly have lived. Like tacos are life. Depending on where you get them.

Understand that your school’s food can really suck, but appreciate it and the people that serve it. Say with a smile and thanks.