Davon Stockton Interview

    Davon Stockton

By :Bria Bryant

        I picked Davon Stockton because I am interested in drama, and so is Davon. I thought this would be a good experience for both of us.

Davon Stockton is an eighth grade drama student. He has been in drama his whole life. When asked what theatre meant to him, he said “It makes me feel good to play a part.” He also said that since this is his last year here at Scribner Middle School, he plans on doing drama club in high school. When asked why he auditioned for drama in the first place, he answered “I was interested in it, so I auditioned. After one play, I knew I liked it.”

“Have you enjoyed your years at Scribner? What was your favorite play to be in?” I asked “I’ve really enjoyed my four years at Scribner, and out of the four plays of been in, my favorite play was probably Pinocchio or Peter Pan.” Davon answered. I asked Davon if was nervous, while doing the plays. He answers saying, “no, not really. Well, a little bit maybe.”

Davon has really enjoyed his years at Scribner. He is ready for high school and ready to do drama later in life.

Mrs. Kraft (Davon’s choir teacher)

When asked if she thinks Davin is a hardworking student, Mrs. Kraft answers, “Yes, when he puts his mind to it, and when we are doing something he enjoys.” I asked, “Do you think Davon has a good voice?” Mrs. Kraft said, “I do, he has a very good voice.” Mrs. Kraft said she believes he definitely has the ability to be in the musical this year. I asked, “Do you think he could be a better student than he is now? If so, how could he improve?” She answered, “Maybe if he came in everyday with a more consistent attitude, because some days he is really excited to come and sing. Other days, he sometimes isn’t.”