After School Spotlight #9

 Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

By: Zoe Shiner, Raven Hardesty, Bria Bryant

We interviewed 7th grade singer Lekha Reddy. She has been singing since she was young, and she has been in choir her whole Scribner career. 

Interview with LekhaDSC_0010

Q1: Where do you take lessons at?


Lekha: Pamala Roberts.


Q2: Why did you start singing?


Lehka: I enjoy singing and have done it since I was very young.


Q3: Do you like where you sing at?


Lekha: Yes, I take lessons at her house and it is a very comfortable  


Q4: Where else do you sing at?


Lekha: School, Musicals, and Honor Choir.


Q5: Do you ever get tired of it?


Lekha: No, not really it’s kind of a daily routine.


Q6: On a scale of 1- 10, how hard would you try to get someone to start singing?

Lekha: 8, because I’m not good at talking to people.


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