Our Opinion on: Under Armour or Nike

Our Opinion on: Under Armour or Nike


Emery: I personally LOVE Nike and Under Armour. If I had to choose, I would pick Nike as my favorite. Nike has so many comfortable, cool, and awesome clothing, shoes, headbands, backpacks, hats, etc, but Under Armour does too. I love Under Armour leggings and shorts. They fit comfortably and they come in a lot of styles. Then again, Nike does too and I like the way they fit more. Nike Free Runs, Roshes, and Juvenates are my favorite shoes ever. So, I would say that Nike is my all time favorite brand.

Alex: Nike is definitely my favorite, it is more my style. I like their spandex and their jogging pants the best. I also like their light hat, hats are becoming a trend now. Nike shoes are the only tennis shoes I wear. This may sound picky, but I like their symbol more than Under Armour. Emery has more to say than me but that’s all I have!


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