Our Opinion On: Vans vs. Converse

Our Opinions on: Vans vs. Converse

Emery: Converse or Vans? Converse. I love converse, I actually have 7 pairs. My favorite ones are white and light blue high tops. I do like the style of vans and I have had a pair before, but they aren’t my favorite. They are cool and yes I love the video about Daniel, but converse are my favorite. I have 3 shades of blue, red, black tribal pattern, white and light purple. My cousin hands me down most of them! I want like every color because I love them so much. Converse are just those shoes that have been around forever and are still in style today. They go with everything from jeans, sweats, leggings, dresses, etc. You can dress them up or down. With vans you can mostly only dress them down. Converse sometimes do hurt my feet though, they also give me blisters if I don’t wear certain socks. Vans are worse though, they give me extreme blisters and hurt my feet like crazy!!! So obviously I love converse more.

Alex: I really am not a fan of vans. Emery wears a new pair of converse everyday! I have 4 pairs but only 3 fit. I have the white with red and blue stripe, black, red, and grey. They look good with most everything, even dresses! Look around our school, lots of people are wearing converse. In our class right now, 8 people are wearing converse, 4 wearing vans, we have a class of 27. It was a trend in the 60’s and i’m glad its coming back!

converse vs. vans