Pet Peeves

As a 14 year old, I dislike a lot of things and a lot of things get on my nerves. Here is my Top Fifteen Pet Peeves.

  1. When people read your text message and don’t respond- UM excuse me, I know you’re on your phone, why aren’t you texting me back? At least say you’re busy, and you can’t talk at the time.
  2. When people take metaphors, jokes, sarcasm, seriously- Once in science class, my teacher put up a comic. This one kid in my class said, “um that can’t happen”. It is just a joke, calm down.
  3. Favoritism- When people get favored, um if your teacher bakes you a cake for your birthday, and brings it to your house, you need to chill.
  4. When people chew gum so loud you can hear them from a mile away- maybe I am over exaggerating but people don’t need to chew their gum so loud the whole class hears them.
  5. When people lurk over your shoulder- You do not need to be looking over my shoulder to see my conversations, or what I am doing, mind your own business.
  6. When people don’t move in the hallway- Listen, people want to get to class, unlike you apparently, so move.
  7. When you’re talking on the phone, and the other person makes it into a game of 20 questions- You do not need to know every single thing that is going on in my life.
  8. When your mom turns a quick chat to an hour long conversations- Yes mom, I realize you want to catch up with someone, but that doesn’t mean figure out what they had to eat for dinner the night before.
  9. When people insult you and say “no offense”- Okay, that no offense really helped, it’s not even an insult now.
  10. Nail Biting- There is food for a reason.
  11. People who don’t flush the toilet after using the restroom- I do not want to see your body crap, please flush the toilet.
  12. Slow Drivers- I realize I am too young to drive but, I still need to get places, and it is really annoying when you drive slow.
  13. When people say “they saved my spot”- Okay, NO, I spent my time waiting in line when you are not there, and you expect me to think that is okay, no no no.
  14. Know it-alls- Listen, I don’t need to know when my phone was created, I just use it.
  15. Rude check out workers- Look, I am sorry you have to work here, but I need some stuff to survive, just let me buy my stuff without a fuss.

That’s my Top Fifteen Pet Peeves!


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