Why is “Dabbing” Still a Thing?

by: Jackson Schad

“Lean and Dab”. This year has been filled with many trends, including “Damn Daniel”,and “What are thooose”. You get the point. Yet, for some reason, one trend hasn’t faltered- yet. I spoke to Gabriel Kruer, and asked him when he thinks that the trend will end. “It seems like it will be around for a while, it’s hard to tell.”, said Gabe. “I think it’s overhyped”.

Dabbing is seen everywhere. At school. At the dentist. A few months ago, I saw a lady do it at my grandmother’s nursing home. Then we come across to the students. “Psst, Mr. Mix, can you dab?”, I hear as first period ends. He does. Some call it a muscle spasm, others say it’s pure magic. Me? I’ll do it. Is it pretty? Most likely not. That’s ok though, because I feel as  though this dance move has worked it’s way into our culture. Maybe that’s it: it’s no longer a trend, it’s culture. What do you think? I have a poll set up below. Take a few seconds and check it out.

Is “dabbing” Over-hyped” ?
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