Cuteness Aggression

Cuteness Aggression is something most people are unfamiliar with but sometimes have the Symptoms of this common feeling.  

What is cuteness Aggression you may ask? Cuteness Aggression is a very overwhelming feeling of something so cute you may feel like you want to squeeze their faces and scream. Most commonly with Animals or Baby’s .


Cuteness Aggression does not mean you want to purposely harm an animal, baby or whatever you find cute, it is just your reaction to seeing this adorable figure.

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Instead of screaming or wanting to squish cute things people also tend to want to squeeze their fists or bite their lips. But don’t fear it is most commonly when we see pictures and not in real person.

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The reason this happens is because of natural instinct. When we see something small and cute we want to nurture it, and when we realize that it is not real or that there is no way to get to it the brain signalizes frustration and we tend to get aggressive. So now you know why you want to squeal every time you see a cute puppy or a babbling baby.♥♥♥landscape-1506709524-cola-0247