Things to do on a Long Car Ride.

Have you ever been bored when going on vacation? Sometimes you don’t get the luxury of getting on a four hour or less flight. Long car rides can also be worse if you are crammed in the back with siblings.

  1. Bring a pillow, neck rest, or blanket for the trip

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Blankets (especially fuzzy ones) are one of the best things in the world. Cuddle up with a blanket and download a movie on your phone to waste an hour or two.


2.Request to stop and stretch if you need to

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No one likes that one person who requests to stop every thirty minutes. Sometimes being in a car for long periods of time is just awful.

3. Make sure your electronics are charged or get a portable charger

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Portable chargers are the savior of traveling.

4. Bring a book or crossword puzzles

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If it’s still daytime, why not pull out a book?

5. Play games with whoever else is in the car

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Unless it’s a stock photo, no family probably looks as happy as this one (which is also a stock photo). Fighting on a long car ride can be miserable for everyone in the car. It’s better to play games instead. Can’t think of any games? With the help of Google, you can find a game that everyone will enjoy.

6. Bring food or buy food at gas stations

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Many gas stations have a decent range of selections. Asking to stop by a drive-thru is another option.

7. Sleep

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Who doesn’t love to sleep? This is a great option for traveling at night.