Top 5 New Years Resolutions for Middle Schoolers

1.Stress Less

Middle schoolers often have tests, quizzes, and homework to keep up with. Some may also have sports or clubs to attend afterschool on top of that. So, stressing less should be the number 1 pick.

2. Stop Procrastinating

Some student like to hold back their assignments till the last minute. So, some students would say their New Years resolution would be to stop procrastinating.

3. Spend Less Money

Some kids choose to spend their money and other kids choose to save it. If you are a spender than one of your resolution could be to spend less.

4. Find a new hobby

Middle schoolers can get bored and need something to do when they have time to spend, so some can find a new hobby.

5. Make new friends

Sometimes middle schoolers can get down, sometimes it can even be their so called friends fault. Many middle schoolers can be rude and unkind to their peers. One New Years resolution would be to find fun, kind, and loyal friends.