Top 5 songs to listen to this Christmas season!

The first song to listen to is a Christmas classic, Jingle Bell Rock! This song will always put you in a good mood especially if you love Christmas as much as I do! This song is even in the movie Mean Girls, the dance from this movie is recreated a lot and it gets a lot of laughs.

Another song to put you in a Christmas mood is Underneath the Tree! This song is most commonly sang by Kelly Clarkson. While Kelly Clarkson is the most known artist for this song, Greg Kurstin helped out Kelly in the writing process.

Last Christmas has to be a Christmas song on repeat. Wham! sings a lot of Christmas songs but Last Christmas is probably the most played and listened to.

Another very frequently played Christ,as song has got to be All I Want for Christmas is you most commonly sang by Mariah Carey! I think, even if you don’t listen to holiday ,using, you have to know the lyrics to this song!

Mary did you know is not commonly known but it shows the true meaning of Christmas. This song is about The Virgin Mary and her journey to the manger to deliver Baby Jesus.