Top Ten Classic Horror Movies

Now there are many different types of horror movies out there, some are ones about demons, some are about psychological horror, and some are even sci-fi themed. But I personally really like Classic Horror movies, even though they may not seem as scary to a few, they are still really good and will have you wondering what will happen next!

10. Child’s Play (R) 1988

Child’s Play is a movie about a robber who before he was caught had put a spell onto a small doll named Chucky. But when the robber had died, it had transferred his soul into the doll. What’s great about the movie was it’s original idea, and the horror from someone turning into a killer doll as no one suspected it.

9.Saw (R) 2004

Saw is a movie about several people put into seemingly inescapable traps by a apprentice in a pig mask and a killer named jigsaw. This movie is filled with fear of not being able to escape a trap to save a family member. This movie dawned several remakes. What’s great about the movie was how the original was mostly filmed in just one room while still keeping the horror, it also can have really stressful moments, watching to see what the person may do or if they will escape.

8.Scream (R) 1996

Scream is a horror movie that isn’t like any other, as in the film they acknowledge horror movies exist, and even watch Halloween in a scene. Which is what makes the movie so good, as most of time it’s watching people fighting a killer blindly, but this you can see them acknowledge they are actually being hunted and how they react to it.

7.Alien (R) 1979

Alien is a movie about Ripley Scott and her crew being stuck on a spaceship with a weird looking alien that only wants to kill. That got on after infecting someone on a distant planet. What makes it great is the feeling of isolation you can see, and the fear that they just have no escape from the monster. What’s great was being able to see the characters realize that they are basically trapped with a monster that seems un-killable, and seeing how they plan to defeat it or stay alive.

6.Nightmare on Elm Street (R) 1984

A Nightmare on Elm Street is about kids who are living on a street where an old killer lived, and now he is haunting the kids dreams in killer ways. It’s great watching them form a plan on how to defeat the killer and make him stop for good. This movie also got a crossover with Friday The 13th, called Freddy Vs Jason. What’s great is the idea that the killer is actually in your dreams instead of attacking directly.

5.Halloween (R) 1978

Halloween is about a crazed killer Michael Myers, who had attacked his family member, and now hunts Lori Strode. He is a very iconic character and recently even got a new movie. It’s great for its kills and the amount of fear from a seemingly human killer, and the wondering of what his motives could be, and if anything can stop him.

4.Friday the 13th (R) 1980

Friday the 13th is about a crazed mom, Pamela Voorhees, who wanted revenge over her son, but is most recognized for Jason Voorhees, her son who wears a hockey mask. But he actually doesn’t even get his hockey mask until part 3. This movie got several remakes, and even a game. It’s great for its kills and the atmosphere.

3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (R) 1974

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is about a cannibal (leatherface), who hunts down these people as they found his house and to try to get them to his family, as they demand. This movie is great because it’s amount of fear for a mostly non-bloody movie, and even giving off a sense that it may not be the killers fault that he is the way he is, but it may be his families.

2.The Thing (R) 1982

The thing is about an alien life slowly taking over people and animals on an isolated research building in the Antarctic. The entire thing is filled with paranoia and wondering who is, and who isn’t infected. It’s great for how well it can show off the people in this very paranoid state, and showing how they react with others knowing that anyone can be The Thing, even one of their closest friends.

1.The Shining (R) 1980

The shining is about a man slowly going insane in a hotel after being stuck in after the snow. After going insane he starts hunting down a girl also in the hotel and says the well known quote “HEEEEERE’S JOHNNY!” It’s a great horror movies, as it seems to have the ability to scare you even when their aren’t jump scares. It was a great adaption from the Stephen King book, and had a really eerie atmosphere that will leave you on edge.